We have a broad variety of materials

Much of what we offer is produced locally on our farm. If you would like to stop by and pick anything up we can help you load your vehicle or if you need we can deliver to your place of business or home.


We offer different types of mulch to suit the needs of our clients. We have Pine, Hemlock, Black and Leaf Mulch.


We offer top quality loam by the yard. So whether you need just a single yard or you are looking to top dress your entire lawn, we’ve got you covered.

Stone, Sand, & Dense Grade

We have crushed stone, sand, and dense grade for filling or creating a base to your next patio.


We offer many different pots ranging from the smallest one flower pot to the largest containers.


We grow lots of annual and perennial flowers some flowers we sell are geraniums, peonies, lilies, asters, lilacs, zinnias, marigolds, and pansies just to name a few.


We have seasoned firewood for sale that split ourselves. Firewood can be purchased from the bundle to the cord.